Low-tech Ways to be More Productive—Part I

Actually, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the answer is no. In fact, they say that nonfarm productivity has fallen during 1st half of 2016. Well that is a bit bewildering isn’t it. So let’s review some simple, back to the basics, productivity producing habits.

1. Clean up your To-Do list and your working area before going home.
At the end of each day clean-up your working area. Thinking, “I’ll take care of it first thing when I get into work” just never happens like we think it will. The day starts in a whirlwind and before you know it, you have piles collecting from day after day of not cleaning up. Psychologically, your most likely to begin to be productive immediately at the start of the day, if you don’t have any straggling little to-do items from the previous day to deal with first.

2. Make your environment about you.
You don’t need to call in an interior decorator for this. Use items in your favorite color theme to decorate the space you spend your most time in. Add an easy to care for plant- a faux one would do the trick. Your work area should reflect your personal taste, but not overpower it. This helps you feel more confident and relaxed, and you will be able to work better.

3. Speaking of All About ME…
Diplomas, family portraits, awards; these are the kind of workplace decorations that make you feel appreciated, successful and motivated, and gives your co-workers the chance to give you a high five!

4. Get it over already
You know what it is. The one task that you have put off for whatever reason. Psychologically, the task seems to be more difficult and unpleasant the longer you dwell on it and becomes a distraction to current tasks. So it gets put off until the end of the day, and then put off until first thing tomorrow, etc. etc. Decide each day to get the most challenging work done first. You’ll feel a lift off your shoulders and your mind. Then the only tasks left will be a piece of cake and you’ll work better.

5. Like building a Pyramid
Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize! Only the most important task should be top of mind, like the tip of a pyramid. Complete the most important. Then work on the next level, and then the next, and so on, until you’ve reached the bottom, where the least important work should always remain as the base of your pyramid. Oxagile CEO Dmitry Karpovich, a big proponent of the waterfall method of software development, says, “consider delegating your least important work to someone else, if you’re high enough on the food chain to do so. Micromanagement can be dangerous to your efficiency.” One final note- the 2- minute rule works well also. Anything you can do in 2 minutes, do it and be done with it. Fit some of those in your pyramid throughout your day.

Work on these 5 tips for one month. I will build-on these with more tips in my next blog post.

Track your workload from day one until day 30. Did you struggle? Still finding areas that your productivity is lower than you want it to be. Contact us. We can give you an on-sight review from the perspective our experienced team.