Low-tech Ways to be More Productive—Part II

Remember the statistic, that according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, we are not more productive with all the high tech gadgets and apps?.. Let’s review the 5 remaining tips on getting back to the basics, and increase your productivity. 

6. Don’t Let Email Become Your Boss
Turn off your email notification. That little ding will derail you every time. Put time in your calendar each day to review emails. And when they ask, and you know they will, “Did you read my email yet?” politely reply, “I will be working on emails later today.” Don’t allow emails to run your schedule. Prioritizing assignments will increase your productivity immediately, when you ward off disruptions.

7. Short Breaks
Brain-breaks we call them. We need to let our eyes, mind, and body relax. More productive breaks lead to more productivity in your workload. 10-minute breaks, several times a day lead to better results than one or two longer breaks. Seem counter-intuitive? In reality, a quick jaunt around the halls or building will revive your focus much better. It is important to leave your workspace for a few minutes, so you can come back refreshed.

8. Move It
Many of you have the ‘track your steps’ gadgets. This is one gadget that is useful in productivity. Keeping your body moving is one of the best ways to stay productive, with some many good long term affects, one blog couldn’t possibly cover it all. You all get it. Keep the body in motion. Break your routine for just a few minutes; it’s better than a shot of energy drinks and better for you, too!

9. Move It: Part Two
Change of scenery can do wonders for the brain. Do a temporarily relocate once a week or so. There are tons of public places you can go (be sure to use your own hotspot wifi, identity theft is always lurking). Parks, library, in your car overlooking a body of water, whatever you find relaxing with lots of natural light. Don’t pack up your desk, just plan for a couple of hours to work offsite. It’s like a micro-vaca, without the worries of TSA rules.

10. Avoid the Multitasking Myths
MIT neuroscientist Earl Miller says our brains were never meant to multitask. Productivity suffers immensely with the attempt to multitask. Focus on doing one thing, do it correctly, timely and completely. That is going to be the most productive you can be. When it’s done you will have the sense of accomplishment, and rightfully so, ready to get on with the next task. It’s the minds own way of being  self-motivating. No gadgets needed.

Finding the right gadgets can be time-zapping and result in losing more productivity than what the gadget was going to save you. Review your habits and work mannerisms every quarter. Still finding areas that your productivity is lower than you need to be? Contact us. We do on-sight reviews from the perspective of our experienced team, we can get you back on track!