Back in Session

Do you remember when you were a kid and a group of friends played telephone? You remember that game right! One person whispers details to you. You then compute what you heard, translate your interpretation, whispering your message into the ear of the person next to you. As this pattern repeats, the message gets passed around the group. The last person states, out loud to the group, what they were told. Or more so, what their interpretation of what they were told. Inevitably, the details were much different than what was first shared.

I may have played that game recently but didn’t know it at the time. In a meeting, it became clear very quickly everyone in the room had a different understanding of the course of action. If was inevitable, because it was apparent each person came to the table with a different perspective on how the plan was going to play out. No one was on the same page. Prior to the meeting, the Director presented the topic and basic information to each member, separately. It was very clear each recipient received it differently. So how could that be?

Even though, with all the emails and text and social media, creating a reference point to refer back to, misinterpretation is not eliminated. Our perspective comes into play. Many very good ideas and plans that would otherwise be successful, fail due to lack of steady consistent leadership and direction. Whether you are planning a major change in your business or simply regrouping, or organizing your processes and procedures, you need an experienced leader to keep everyone on the same page and continue forward motion.

How do you get from start to end without losing drive, causing unnecessarily steps, all while being cost effective? Hire an Expert!

Think of the benefits of hiring an outside experienced Business Process Organizer:

  1. From the onset of an idea, your Expert will communicate with the appropriate parties, help develop a flowchart if necessary and all the way into the launch.

  2. Your Expert will also direct the action items of all team members and effected department personnel.

  3. They will ensure everyone is going in the same direction, reducing skipped details and keep the focus on the, end-result, avoiding.

  4. An Expert involved, will dramatically eliminate wasted energy, resources and valuable time needed for the plan to take effect.

Time efficiency is cost effective. Telephone is too costly to play in a successful growing business. Hiring an expert likely will be a great return on your investment.  Contact an Expert to take your next great idea and plan to action and reality.