Your Mission is Your Vision

December has arrived, as it does every year. It is the end of the calendar year. This is when we look back at all we accomplished and make revisions in attempt to meet goals, even lowering expectations to feel, on some level, as a competent business owner.  

For those of you who have meet goals, or even exceed them, Congratulations! Please share with all of us what your secrets are and steps you took that kept you on track for achieving your triumph.

But what about the rest of us.  Did you fall short of your goals? I know Idid. I followed about 82% of my path I laid out for 2018. Do you know what was your stumbling block? Is the feeling of frustration and disappointment one that you want to experience again? Probably not. I know I am making some changes to my strategy for 2019 to measure my efforts more effectively.

Whether you accomplished or fell short of your objectives, safeguarding your efforts to attain your ambitions and intentions, is not wasted time or finances. These areas are vital components in effective strategies, to gain the most from your efforts, whether working on short- or long-term goals.  

  • What will you do differently in 2019? Take time now to interview resources, who work with you to determine changes that need to be made, utilizing all efforts to the fullest. You have heard the saying, ‘the view is clearer when looking from the outside in’. An outside expert Consultant will provide perspective and professional guidance to ensure you actions are resulting in the directions you intend to go. If you haven’t considered a professional consultant, maybe 2019 is the year you do that.

  • Do you have the right butts in the right seats? HR is a department all on its own, in businesses big or small. An HR expert will ensure as an employer, you are meeting all requirements with the Federal and State laws. They change and become more complicated all the time. HR Directors can perform skills analysis of employees. The entire package that wraps up ‘employer’, when all in order, has been sharply proven to be a direct correlation to the success of a business.

  • How is your budget working for you? Managing your finances, isn’t always the most exciting part of a business. Undisputed, it is a major part of the foundation of a successful business, particularly those in growing phases. After all, if you can’t measure the impact of your exertion, you are simply managing daily tasks. Put commitment into your budget. Director of FinancialOperations will develop procedures to complement budgets, and work with you to ensure your company is operating time efficiently and cost effectively.

As I genuinely hope you enjoy a very Happy Holiday season and extend my gratitude for subscribing to our newsletter, keep in mind, the most important vision is yours. Put in the work to make it happen.  After, all, if you don’t invest in yourself, who will? 2019! Bring it on!