No IFs, ANDs or BUTs about it. Ready, Set, Leap!

It isn’t that you don’t know how to get organized, you just need someone to get you jumped started. So here is your jump start. Simple, easy to follow, action steps.

Emails—The dreaded Inbox.

  • Keep it clean. It amazes me to hear people say their inbox has 50+ emails, even though they are on their computers, hourly/daily! Are they old? Need to unsubscribe? Are you an email hoarder? DELETE DELETE DELETE! It is your most wonderful key to use, anytime of year!
  • Inbox = thorn in your side? If so, you NEED to add ‘clean-up emails’ to your calendar! Schedule an hour bi-weekly or at minimum, weekly. Problem solved, thorn no more.
  • Utilize the software capabilities. Auto managing/rules and filing options within the email software are user friendly. The Rule option with Outlook sorts & files emails coming in, (even those sent), keeping it ‘unread’ status to avoid overlooking it. This also helps to keep the inbox clean, and easy to see irrelevant emails, to DELETE or UNSUBSCRIBE from.
  • Sort the ‘sent’ folder- emails require a reply? Create a system with the work you have already done. No list needed. File the sent email to ‘waiting for reply’ folder. File accordingly once a reply has been received. If the reply includes your original email in the thread, you can DELETE the original.
  • Getting back to you- make is simple. Put your phone number in your signature of all your emails, making it easy for the recipient to call for quick response/completion of requests.

LISTS—Not all lists are created equal. Manage wisely.

  • Organize as you write - making a list simply to get your thoughts written down so you don’t forget, is great. Just be sure to organize at the same time.
  • TO DO LIST- Thoughts that keep recurring, EX: go to the grocery store, get a quote on insurance, find out what the plans are for the weekend, knit a scarf, refresh kitty litter.
  • TO ACCOMPLISH LIST- Most likely to end up on a calendar, EX: require an immediate time frame, most often 24-36 hours or less, get a quote to a potential client, return a phone call to a client, get a massage scheduled for your spouse and/or yourself.
  • Once organized, sort to appropriate day/time to realistically accomplish your list, each day/week. This creates a more manageable realistically achievable list, if that is your goal. Some people are habitual offender ‘useless list’ makers, who have no intentions of taking any action steps to dissolve the list. If that is you, respectfully, I am not sure how to help, but whatever makes you happy, is great.
  • Organizing the list also helps you visually see items that could be assigned to others in your office or home (such as change the litter box). This also helps to determine if more information is needed before you can complete the task, creating an action to be taken.

The CELLPHONE—Convenient Pocket Size Computer when capabilities are utilized!

  • Got Numbers? Do you have numbers in your phone without proper identification? Have you started towards a meeting realizing you didn’t have the contact information you needed to call and ask directions or notify late arrival?  When speaking to a new client or contact, immediately create a contact after you finish the conversation. Never wonder again, ‘who’s number is that?’ or ‘which number was his/her’s'?
  • Did you make some connections and trade business cards, only to then lose it? There’s an app for that!  SnapBizCard allows you to take a picture of a business card, instantly creates the contact, stores all the information on the card within the contact details.

What are you waiting for? Use your precious time wisely. Ready, Set, Leap!

“The hardest part about getting organized, is remembering where you started.” Tammy-OrganizerForU