What are your normal work hours?

Many times we work harder when prepping for absences, whether it is for a long awaited vacation or other major life event.  So why can’t we do that all year round? Many companies are offering shorter work weeks during the summer in exchange for a self-disciplined work load. As long as you meet the deadlines and attend the necessary meetings, your work is complete. A 4-day work week is possible, all year round.

So what are the steps to take to make this work?

Time efficient procedures.

  • Develop processes amongst and with your team that allows each member to maximize their efficiency.
  • Use technology to your advantage. You can find apps and programs that allow you to put a  virtual note on a report, turn a PDF into word or excel file, and manage documents.
  • Use the Cloud. No more searching and waiting for reports and documents that got held up on your co-workers desk. When you need to work on a report, it is stored in the cloud, allowing each person to work on it as their time allows.

Communication is key. How many times have you heard that? But communication can also be time consuming.

  • Create a communication system that flows well with your team for the purpose of relaying timely, accurate and detailed information without interrupting their workflow or productivity.

  • If you prefer emails, make sure that you have a well-filtered and organized file sorting system. Take a class to learn more about the email or current communication system your company uses. Text to email or email to text, there are a lot of apps available to meet your needs.

  • Using voicemails can be time consuming, especially if your main intent is to relay needed and detailed information. Using programs such as SlyDial, allows you to leave a voicemail without the recipient’s phone ever ringing. This allows them to receive the information at their convenience and minimizes the amount of time you spend on the call.

Working offsite can also be an option. However, some employers are moving away from that for many reasons. Working with and amongst your peers is good for productivity, as well as good for morale and keeping spirits up during the more challenging times in your work place.

If you are considering allowing your employees to work more flexible hours year-round (which can positively effect your bottom-line), your efficiency is going to be the key to the success. If you need assistance with developing procedures, give us a call. We would be happy to discuss and review your current environment.